Organic and local products

By Melissa Mayes 

With concerns for the state of the environment growing worldwide, people often wonder what they can do as individuals to help lessen their own ecological impact. Simple actions like driving less, using energy-saving appliances or recycling are obvious things people can do to be more environmentally friendly, but something as basic as different eating habits can also benefit an ailing environment. Buying organic food and therefore supporting organic farmers is an easy and wonderful way to become more of an environmentally conscious citizen.

In today’s world, the voice of the consumer often speaks louder than that of the voter, so it is important to be mindful of where our money is spent. Industrial, non-organic agriculture provides for 98% of food sales worldwide and utilizes over 400 different pesticides and fertilizers. Agricultural chemicals are used to fight off insects and plant diseases and are also used to speed up the growing process. Non-organic produce often looks more appealing with bigger and better-looking products, but beyond aesthetics lie unattractive side effects.

Studies have shown that the use of chemicals to speed up the growth of plants often depletes the soil of important nutrients lowering nutritional values of the produce. Chemicals used in the soil and sprayed directly on the plants have also been shown to contaminate water systems as rains wash them away or they are absorbed into the ground. It is also believes that human exposure to pesticides and fertilizers, either during farming or by eating chemically grown food can cause illness and even cancer… Visit


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