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letter from the editor

Letter from the Editor - March 2009

Letter from the Editor - March 2009

Welcome to Another Day in Paradise

It’s March 2009 and we have reached another milestone: Our 60th edition and the end of our 10th season publishing in paradise. Looking back at issue number 1, October 1999, eight black and white pages of bond paper—we are tempted to notice only the differences. Issue 60 is almost 60 full-color, glossy pages—
seemingly a different publication all together. But surprisingly they are very similar, with many of the same writers, photographers and advertisers, and many of the same themes: Mexico’s fascinating history, culture, art, and Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo’s many charms. With so much change around, it is heartening to see so many things are exactly the same: the natural beauty, the vibrant community, the fabulous food … and ADIP still right here trying to cram it all in, in too little time, in too few pages. Some things never change.

We chase many elusive things in life, usually some sort of self-imposed ideal—our own definition of paradise, and most of us feel like we never get there. Perhaps you spend so much time focusing on where you want to be, you don’t notice when you have already arrived. But I suspect it is in places like Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo—where the ocean breeze tantalizes, the ruffling of the palm trees lull and the horizon stretching off across the big blue ocean inspires—that we can pause long enough to put things in perspective. And sometimes that’s as close as you can get, and sometimes that’s more than enough.

Have a great summer and keep checking in with our website over the next few months. We will have lots of new additions to adip digital, as there’s always more to say.

Until next time,

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Letter from the editor


Welcome to Another Day in Paradise.

You will find no gloom nor doom here.

Change, progress, evolution (upheaval, chaos, crisis … depending on your viewpoint) its what’s on everybody’s mind lately…here, there and everywhere. A recent drive around Zihuatanejo bay with friends inspired a conversation about the view from the road, and how the entire landscape is changing. Change is inevitable—it is the only constant, but that doesn’t make it any less shocking. Like the way a young child can seem to grow in the blink of an eye, it seems Zihuatanejo too, has a life of its own. And like a bewildered parent who wants only to freeze moments in time, we too struggle to accept the changes. This year more so than ever. I feel a bit like Dorothy caught in the tornado in Kansas; these past few months have been a real ride, and I for one am ready to put my feet on solid ground. But even if this wild ride isn’t over yet, aren’t you getting a little bored with the doom and gloom already? I know I am.

They say slow economic times are when you can focus on cleaning house, getting your affairs in order, slowing down and taking stock of what’s working and not working. I think that’s always a good idea (I try to clean off my desk at least once a month!). And it is new year’s resolution time, so I recommend making a list: what do you want to accomplish this year? What do you want to see change… here, there and everywhere? Write it down, ponder it seriously, purposefully, like a real grown-up… then, go take a pleasant stroll to the beach and play. Promise, you’ll feel more up to the challenge tomorrow.

Until next time,