Conservation in Sportfishing

Zihuatanejo is one of the top ranked sportfishing destinations in the world. Sport fishermen know all about the dangers of over-fishing, they are usually the most conservation-minded of all fishermen. Here in Zihuatanejo, Catch and Release, especially of sailfish, has been slowly taking hold over the last decade and we encourage the practice of it to all visiting sport fishermen. Tell your captain that’s what you expect and insist upon it. That way you can continue to fish our blue waters for many years to come. We have featured many articles on catch (and tag) and release in ADIP over the years, for more information on the practice and the IGFA presence in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo check our archives on the website: One thing we rarely talk about is the controversial but very real problem of long lines, which can kill more fish than an entire season of sportfishing. Ed Kunze is Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo’s IGFA representative.—editor’s note.

By Ed Kunze

We are now in a very difficult period for the fishing community on the West Coast of Mexico, and in fact, all of Mexico. It may actually develop into a type of civil war, which will pit family members against family members. Among the sport fishing captains, there is a new awareness as to the need to conserve, because they now understand that resources are limited. But, not all fishermen in Mexico feel the same way: Or they are taking an, “I better get it now, before somebody else gets it,” attitude… Visit: